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GPS Rental

GPS Rental

We are very excited to offer this new service. Now you can have access to advanced GPS (Global Positioning System) tracking units without purchasing expensive equipment, paying activation fees, paying monthly fees, or signing any long term service contracts. Know exactly where a vehicle is at anytime from the convenience of your computer or smartphone (Iphone or Android).

If you would like to see how the units work, open the link above. Once the link opens, choose "Demonstration Mode." The vehicles displayed are vehicles with the units in place and this is the exact monitoring system that will be used with your rental GPS. Demonstration is live and provided for your convenience so please feel free to explore the vast array of settings and features.

The GPS systems provided for rent by Confidential Affairs Special Operations LLC have a primary function of keeping track of someone or something. What these units are used to keep track of, and how they are used to keep track, is entirely at the discretion of the renter. These units have been very successful in both domestic and business settings.

Please give Inspector Perkins a call at 219.229.6770 for complete information on GPS information. GPS monitoring may be an answer to satisfying your curiosities.

For domestic use

  • For domestic use, they may be used to monitor spouses and/or children.
  • Is your significant other where they say they were going?
  • Are your children where they said they would be?
  • Where custody is a concern, where is the other parent going with your child/children?
  • Need to keep track of someone?

For business use

For business use, they may be used to monitor employee activity. Any type of business that provides a company vehicle, and has employees that use these vehicles can benefit from the use of these units.

  • Are your employees abusing company time?
  • Are they doing their job efficiently?
  • Are they being dishonest about their work activities?
  • Are they driving beyond established speed limits?

So how do these GPS units help accomplish this? The unit determines and tracks its position by use of satellite signals. The unit is capable of displaying detailed travel history on a mapping program. The unit comes with a magnetic and weatherproof case that can be covertly mounted underneath a vehicle, in a trunk, or many other locations. The unit provides real time location information. It updates every 10 seconds during movement and displays activity via the internet monitoring site. Route history can be played back on the screen showing you the exact path the unit has traveled. A vast array of reports can be displayed, printed, or sent by email. You also have the option of receiving email or text message notifications with various information of your choice. This unit has a very sensitive antenna ensuring it can receive signals from a satellite, even when mounted in difficult locations underneath a vehicle.

A GPS signal can bounce off of the roadway and be received by a unit even when placed underneath a vehicle. GPS signals can also penetrate most non metal surfaces. Selecting a proper location is important to good performance of the unit. For example if in a garage, it will lose signal. Once exiting the garage, it can take up to a minute to require the satellite signals. It is important that the antenna side be mounted facing away from metal surfaces. The extended battery can operate up to 75 days in ideal conditions. Even under harsh conditions or extensive vehicle movement the battery life still reaches up to 30 days of use.

The mounting magnets are very strong and should hold the unit in place through most normal driving conditions. It is possible however, that a severe impact could dislodge the unit. No guarantee can be made with regard to placement of the unit. The magnets should make contact with a flat, non porous metal surface to ensure a solid hold. The rental fees for this unit are very reasonable and will yield excellent tracking results. This unit is highly recommended as its performance is superior to most any unit available on the market and commonly used by many law enforcement agencies.

While there are no known statutes in the State of Indiana that prohibit the use of these devices, it is the sole responsibility of the renter to ensure the unit is used in accordance with any and all applicable laws. As such, Confidential Affairs Special Operations LLC will not be held responsible for the use and/or misuse of the rental units. Should you have any legal questions or concerns regarding the use of these device, you are encouraged to consult with a licensed attorney. Confidential Affairs Special Operations LLC cannot guarantee performance of any unit affected by environmental conditions. Confidential Affairs Special Operations LLC also cannot guarantee performance of the unit due to improper placement. Renter understands and accepts full responsibility for the unit during the rental period. Should a unit be lost or damaged, the deposit will be forfeited and applied to the repair or replacement of the unit. In any event, the renter is fully responsible for any damages and outstanding rental fees.